Bright Images at Work AB

We are a complete partner in production of film, sound, stills & more.

Founded in 2000 we have since helped customers organize, develop and execute mediaprojects. From highend TV-commercials, to microshows for the web, feature documentaries as well as podcasts, radioshows, and live broadcasts we value the collaborative aspect of being a partner in production.

We love helping our customers realize their ideas and adding value to their business.


Project Development

Project development

Before shooting or getting into any form production we’ll help you develop your strategy, help you get the script in order and help you plan your production from start throughout deployment.

Film Production

Film Production

We’ll be your partner in organizing your film production and we’ll help you fit the production to your budget. Be it a major shoot, with builds, multiple persons to small 1 man interview production.



Done shooting we’ll get the edit and the rest of the postproduction in place all the way to delivery – be it your own platforms, straight to broadcast or the web. We also provide external clients with services like offline editing, sound development, soundmix as well as grading and retouch.

Pod production

Pod Production

We develop content and scripts, record edit and deliver various soundprojects. From complete podcasts to elaborate radiospots. This also means we help you make responsible choices regarding voice talent and music.

Still photo

Still photo

Be it a classy portrait, a product photo or a fashion shot – we’ll help you get it done. Just as with a filmproduction well be your partner from scratch, from developing, organising, shooting and delivering in the right format.


Project 1

Pushing - from Rättvik to California

This documentary was screened on cinemas in Sweden during the fall of 2023.

The story is about the young skater Hedda and her dreams of taking place on the big arenas. The story is told in a historical context where Swedens previously unknown role as a major player in the development of skateboarding is put forward. Produced and directed by Christopher Sanitate, Katja Uneborg, Klas Hjertberg and Robert Gustafsson.

Can bee seen on SF Anytime.

Project 2

Exhibition Peter Picasso

Together with reputable Swedish artist Peter Johansson we produced 30 films for one of his largest exhibitions ever. The celebration of Hasse & Tages movie “picassos Äventyr”.

Project 3

TV-spots for ÖoB

During 2023+2024 we produced 18 spots for Swedish retail chain ÖoB.

Films where produced in collaboration with the agency MMX.